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Where can I find Yann’s instruments?

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Yann Besson in his workshop

Where to find Yann Besson’s violins, violas and cellos?

Through the violin makers network

Yann works in partnership with several dealers across Europe.

His work is currently being shown in Paris, London and Copenhagen.

Along with older instruments, violin shops are often the best place to try a large selection of instruments by contemporary makers.

At Ulf Eriksson's in Copenhagen

In London

You’ll find Yann’s work at Bridgewood and Neitzert alongside a large choice of violins and violas, both in modern and baroque set up.

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Sean Bishop also stocks Yann’s work, as well as a broad range of violins and violas. Sean has worked with all London’s finest orchestras including the English Chamber Orchestra, The Philharmonia, BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Other place : visit Jonathan Larkman’s workshop at Trinity College of Music in Greenwich to try more of Yann’s work.

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You will find a fine selection of contemporary instruments at MyLuthier’s showroom. It is located in Clerkenwell in central London. Ariel Lang and Pedro Silva will be there to guide you through your research.

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In Paris

In Paris you’ll find Yann’s work with Guy Coquoz who believes:

Here, everything is about searching and revealing the very subtle harmony between the musician, his instrument and his bow. To purpose, but never to impose. To adapt, to adjust, to search endlessly…

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In Les Essards

At his address, Yann Besson will be able to show you his work and help you choose your instrument.

You’re very welcome anytime, it will be a real pleasure to present you my work and place.

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In Lisbon

Elise Derochefort Atelier based in the heart of Lisbon also stocks Yann’s violins, violas and cellos.

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In Copenhagen

In 2000, the magnificent violin studio Ulf opened in the heart of Copenhagen. Ulf Eriksson says:

Finding and trying instruments can be frustrating and time consuming. I know this from my own experience as a professional violinist. If you are looking for a new instrument why not try getting in touch with me and gaining from my own experience?

Yann likes to visit Ulf several times a year, as this allows him to look after the violins and violas he has sold in Scandinavia. He believes it’s really important to take time to adjust or change sound posts and bridges, as this is crucial to the sound production of his instruments.
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Ulf also has a strong relationship with bow maker and restorer Jacques Poullot, and violin maker and restorer Claire Chaubard. And he also sells instruments by other contemporary makers like:

In New York

Julie Reed-Yeboah is a NYC-based specialist in repairing and restoring violins, violas, and cellos. International reputation, serving clients worldwide. Also sells instruments and bows, specializing in modern violinmakers’ work. Co-hosts Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition. And deals Yann Besson’s work.

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In Canada

Wilder & Davis is at the service of the artistic community, listening to all string quartet instrumentalists: from beginners to professionals, in all styles.  Promotes and deals Yann Besson’s work in Canada.

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