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Which makers does Yann get his inspiration from?

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Yann Besson, nice colleague

The instrument and bow makers, Yann Besson enjoys working with…

During his 22 years working as a luthier, Yann has enjoyed working collaboratively with colleagues who share the common goal of producing great sounding instruments.

Sharing workshops

To reap the benefits of working with his contemporaries whilst sharing ideas, Yann travels within Europe to work alongside his colleagues. Makers are also invited to visit his workshop near Saintes, in France (the ideal setting to make beautiful instruments).

Whilst working collaboratively, some of the topics raised are: how to get the best acoustics, which tools work best to achieve a particular acoustic and aesthetic result ?

Which makers does Yann get his inspiration from?

Because of their ability to express themselves within an acoustical and technical frame, these are some of the colleagues he enjoys the work of:

Yann would also like mention and give thanks, for their patience whilst training him to make and restore bows, to:

These makers who set the sound free

Other bow makers Yann admires the work of are:

  • Peter Oxley
  • Gary Leahy
  • Boris Fritsch
  • Yannick Le Canu
  • Arthur Dubroca
  • Alexandre Aumont

These artists Yann is connected to

Violon and bow makers know each other, respect themselves, meet, join or not.  Their work is a perpetual quest which never ends.

Yann Besson likes getting all these influences and expressing his gratitude towards those who deliver them!