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Catriona Lightfoot

Catriona Lightfoot plays a Yann Besson viola made in the year 2009.

From Irish Folk…

Catriona Lightfoot started violin lessons at the age of two in Cork, Ireland where she grew up. In college she delighted at the opportunity of playing the viola, as she had always loved the instrument. She is now a freelance viola player and viola and violin teacher based in London.

…to chamber music, via orchestral works.

Catriona Lightfoot has a keen interest in orchestral playing. Her recent orchestral experience includes working with :

Catriona has performed on two occasions at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival and at theFIMNa, Chamber Music Festival in Eugi, Spain.

Currently she plays with the baroque quartetRetorika and various other chamber ensembles including performing with the London Concertante Chamber Ensemble at St Martin in the Fields, London and the New London Orchestra String Quartet.

Folk music isn’t left aside

Aside from classical music, Catriona also enjoys playing folk music and performing with many world musicians. She is a member of the acclaimed world music band The Polskadots who are strongly influenced by the Finnish members of the band.

They play many a Scandinavian tune and share a passion for gypsy music from Eastern Europe, South America, Russia and Turkey. They have performed throughout Ireland, Finland and in Berlin and have an exciting album ‘Join the Dots’.

Recording studios she works with

  • Studios Eastcote in Londres ;
  • Studios Windmill in Dublin ;
  • Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath…

Associated artists

Her instrument

Catriona plays a Yann Besson viola and Arthur Bultitude bow.

I am very happy with my ‘Besson’ viola. While it is a sizeable instrument it is physically very comfortable to play. It has a full, even, round and resonant tone. It projects excellently for chamber music and solo performance and also blends beautifully into an orchestral section. Yann has been very helpful with after sale care to bring out the best in my instrument.

See online : Catriona Lightfoot’s website, violist