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Hedda R. H. Dyrnes

Hedda R. H. Dyrnes started playing cello in the music school children’s string orchestra in the autumn of 2007. She was a junior member of Lofoten Vesterålen Orkesterforening (LVO) from 2009-2012 and played in various different project based orchestras. She became a proper member of LVO from 2012 until she graduated high school. Then she was accepted into the talent group for the music program in high school until spring 2016. She played as a soloist on the project “Unge Talenter” (young talents) with LVO in 2016 and 2018.

Hedda started playing in the adult string orchestra (Sortland Strykeorkester) as soloist and section leader from 2012 to 2019. She was accepted into NUSO (norsk ungdomssymfoniotkester  / Norwegian Youth Symphony Orchestra) in 2017 and the period of 2018-2019 ; she was part of the talent program at the University of Tromsø where she studied under Audun Sandbakken.

In 2022, she becomes member of the jazz collective “Det Annet Kjønn” (the other gender), a group based in Stavanger.

Hedda is a junior member of the Cellolyd in Lofoten-festival team (a cello festival started by Lisa Holstad, her teacher in high school).

She played section leader during the school’s concert project of Mozart’s requiem under the conductor Peter Szilvay in march 2022.

From 2019, straight out of high school, to 2023, Hedda studies for bachelors degree on music performance at the University of Stavanger, with Liv Opdal as her teacher.

She’s a soloist again with LVO in February 2023 with 1st and 2nd movement Shostakovich cello concerto 1.

Hedda is currently (2024) doing an extension year in music performance at UiS.


Hedda R. H. Dyrnes plays a cello made by Yann Besson. Here is her testimony :

” I instantly fell in love with the sound, and couldn’t forget about it after trying it for the first time. I had to travel back two weeks earlier than planned to try it again and take it with me. It is very easy to play and has a rich and big sound when I need it! “

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