Yann Besson, luthier Yann Besson, violin and viola maker

Patrick Blair

Patrick Blair says :

I am originally from London but currently live in Toronto, Canada. I started my classical studies at age 9 on the Violin under Professor John Gillow. I started to learn the Viola when I was at Colchester Institute doing my degree in music, so I was a very late starter but fell in love with the warmer tones I could get. Although I have played on many, I have never owned a Viola until 2018 and am very happy with my purchase. I proudly play on a Yann Besson 2003 Viola, which produces such even tones and is relatively easy to get around because of the slim neck which I love.

I am an experienced teacher of both Violin and Viola, having worked as Musical Director of ‘Da Capo’ orchestra, working with children from ages 4 to 16 for the Newham Music Trust, London. I currently play with two orchestras as well as do my own recitals on both violin and viola. Hoping to continue my musical ambitions by opening a music school and form a string quartet.


Patrick Blair plays a viola made by Yann Besson.

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